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Ultimate Air Reed


New Style, New Concept, New Standard


The Katana was created from the DNA of the shakuhachi (an age-old Japanese traditional bamboo flute), but with the advanced manufacturing technology of modern day Japan. Like a piano or saxophone, this completely new vertical flute, air reed instrument has the playability, versatility, portability, and durability to be played in any music around the world.

Using the technology of the highly regarded shakuhachi manufacturer Senshu Shakuhachi Kobo, AireedX has developed the Katana as to deliver the most consistent, high performance musical instrument in the market.

Shakuhachi sound for any of musical style

The Katana features a wide dynamic range and outstanding tonal stability without sacrificing the complex, thick tone of the classic shakuhachi. The innovative structural design can ergonomically adapt to the player’s sensibilities, allowing the player to take control of the instrument with unprecedented ease.

A streamlined, modern visual design unites with the artist and takes the lead role on the stage. Its durable metal body lets you bring and play the shakuhachi anywhere without concern for cracking, making it the perfect touring instrument.

Cutting edge technology and Advanced craftsmanship

AireedX‘s metal shakuhachi was born out of advanced craftsmanship and cutting edge technology with scientific approach. We started by quantifying the accumulated manufacturing know-how of Senshu Shakuhachi Kobo ,who has been supported by many professional performers over 30 years, taking 3D-CAD designing approach. We have repeated prototype trial based on numerical data by 3D printing to reach the ideal structural design.

While the 3D printing producing is not suite for musical instrument product at present because of its accuracy and strength. Therefore we took the approach of metal materials manufacturing with high precision NC lathe. This was a really challenging, In particular, in order to increase the fat sounds, it is necessary to have a tapered shape inside highly contloled inner diameter changes alongside the length. We control the processing presision with μm level by using the advanced Japanese metal manufacturing engineering. In addition, the feedback from the top-notch shakuhachi artists who perform in different fields, and the final tuning craftsmanship in the final process realizes finally the ideal musical instrument.

Traditional musical instruments Shakuhachi is reborn here by the high skilled craftsmanship and innovative technology.


for any music style, the best flute - air reed instrument


High Performance


High-precision metal processing and expert design ensures a consistent response that demonstrates its power in ensembles

Easy to play


In addition to the ergonomically adjustable body, the precise design allows for an easy blowing response for beginner and professionals alike. And because of its factory consistency, beginners can rest assured that the instrument is well made and in tune as they grow with it.

Robust and Beautiful


A beautiful instrument made of high-quality aluminum material and anodized surface finish presents a modern refined on stage image. Unlike a traditional bamboo shakuhachi, the durable metal material allows for performance in any environment without the risk of cracking.


Utaguchi blowing edge based on ergonomics. The angle allows your head to move freely and naturally, as if you were singing.


Inner diameter pursuing efficiency based on the science of acoustics. The secret to the Katana’s explosive resonance lies in its extremely precise manufacturing process, controlled down to the micron level.


The Katana breaks down into four parts, which makes it possible to set the finger hole position as you like. It is also compact and convenient to carry.


The unique trumpet-like opening of the bell facilitates a robust sound when you need it and an easy response when playing softly.


The slim body features shallow and uniform finger holes, ensuring a fast response and a high level of control even for fast passages.


“Meri”-cut – tear drop chamber at the 1st and 3rd finger holes support outstanding operability, and allow delicate and smooth fingering when playing MERI sound.

Katana sound samples
Line Up

Aluminum lathe machined with high quality texture and superb anodized finish

AireedX KATANA 331D

(Champaign Gold color)

discretionary price

DSC02324 (1).png

First launch is in the key of D (1.8, the basic Shakuhachi length)

Length: 557mm / weight: 550g

Coming soon: Key of A (2.3)、Key of E (1.6)in early 2020


Katana is available at Senshu Shakuhachi Kobo

スクリーンショット 2020-01-19 10.46.54.png

The Katana is produced by Aireed Expertise Inc. (abbreviated as AireedX), which aims to become a leader in the production of flute, air reed musical instruments, by applying its cutting edge manufacturing technology to the traditional craft of shakuhachi making.


By enlisting the deft hand of expert shakuhachi craftsman Mitsuka Yukihiko (owner and representative of the world renowned Senshu Shakuhachi Kobo and leader of the music unit Tone) as CTO, AireedX aims to provide the highest level of air reed instruments.


AireedX endeavors to provide the world's best shakuhachi and air reed instruments in its exploration of the possibilities of air reed instrument technology.

The shakuhachi has already enthralled audiences for more than a millennium, and with new advances like the Katana, it will continue to be at the frontier of musical discovery for millennia to come.

Company : Aireed Expertise Inc. / AireedX

Business  : R&D, Manufacturing and Sale of Musical Instruments and AV instruments

Founder : Yukihiko Mitsuka / CTO (Head of SENSHU SHAKUHACHI Kobo and TONE)

                Hideo Muneyasu / CEO

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